New Lightbulbs Do Not Fit My Garage Door Opener

When I went to change the lightbulb on my electric garage door opener I ran into a surprise and I can't be the only one.  I couldn't find a lightbulb that fit!  The old burnt out 60 watt incandescent lightbulb that I removed could not be replaced by one of the new 60 watt LED equivalents.  Unfortunately I didn't realize this would be a problem and I didn't stockpile any of the old lightbulbs before they became extinct.

The LED lightbulbs have an extended portion above the base before the glass portion of the bulb.  This built up portion blocked the lightbulb from going into my fixture opening.  I tried several brands of LED bulbs with the same result.  A CFL bulb has a similar built up portion and also wouldn't fit through my fixture opening.

The portion of the bulb above the base prevented this LED
lightbulb from fitting my electric garage door opener.
To solve this problem, I found Chromalux full spectrum lightbulbs will fit.  They continue to be the shape of the traditional 60W incandescent lightbulb.  They meet the new energy efficient requirements but they don't have the raised portion above the base like LED lightbulbs do. Their full spectrum nature even makes colors appear more accurately, leaving you to better appreciate the junk cluttering your garage.

Garage door opener with a Chromalux full spectrum lightbulb
 installed.  I left the second bulb out to illustrate the circular
fixture opening that  prevented an LED lightbulb from fitting.
I would imagine there are other situations besides my garage door opener in which LED bulbs don't fit leaving Chromalux bulbs, or similar full spectrum lightbulbs, perhaps the only solution.  Do you know of any?



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