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Easy to Understand Guide to Blood Pressure and BP Monitors by Comfort House

According to the Mayo Clinic, “checking your blood pressure at home is an important part of managing high blood pressure.”  In addition the American Heart Association projects that one in three Americans has high blood pressure. Comfort House has solutions to provide you with the means of helping identify high blood pressure and performing periodic home checks of blood pressure.  Manual and automatic arm monitors and wrist monitors are available in a range of prices to fit every budget. Table top, wall mount, and readily portable wrist devices are shown at: Blood pressure is measured as a set of numbers.  The first number, or systolic pressure, indicates the hearts pumping pressure.  The second number, or diastolic pressure, is a measure of the pressure between heartbeats.  Optimal pressure for an adult would be a systolic pressure below120 millimeters of Hg with a diastolic of less than 80 mm of Hg and would be expressed as 120