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Choosing an Electric Blanket or Electric Mattress Pad

According to the Electric Blanket Institute approximately 4-1/2 million electric bed warming products are sold in the United States each year. There are many reasons to own and use an electric warming device but among the most important are to sleep better in a cool bedroom while staying warm, to keep warm without the weight of heavy blankets or comforters and, in today’s world, to substantially reduce your energy and fuel costs.   There are two main types of warming products sold.   The first is the electric blanket which goes over the body and the second is the electric mattress pad which goes over the mattress and under the body.    The choice is mostly a matter of personal preference although there are few distinct advantages of a mattress warmer over a blanket. · A mattress warmer uses somewhat less electricity than a blanket because more of the heat is contained in the bed. · A mattress warmer is inherently safer since it lays flat on the bed and is unlike

Pallea Pan

Do you like cooking Paella?  The Paderno Ceramic Coated Nonstick Paella Pan is now Comfort House Tested & Approved for excellent performance on an induction cooktop.  Although we've tested it specifically on induction, it works on all cooking surfaces.  5 sizes available: 7-7/8", 9-1/2", 11", 12-5/8", 14-1/8". Read more .

Luma Comfort Vase Humidifier

Is this odd shaped object a new type of bowling pin?  Hardly.  It's the stylish Luma Comfort Vase Humidifier that has earned the coveted Comfort House Tested & Approved seal.  Learn about it.