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Buying A Made in USA Electric Blanket

Looking to buy an electric blanket made in USA? Then look no further because there is none to be found. The closest we come to heated bedding made in USA are heated mattress pads. A heated mattress pad, also known as an electric mattress pad, is a formidable competitor to a heated blanket. Their popularity has surged in recent years. Comfort House customers buy them 2 to 1 over blankets. In fact, the decision is not usually over which blanket to buy but rather should I buy a blanket or a mattress pad. ElectroWarmth Bed Warmer is made in USA. Our ElectroWarmth made in USA heated mattress pad is available in all sizes including the otherwise impossible to find heated bedding sizes of split queen, split king, king xl, and truck mattress. So you can stop your search for a made in USA blanket and consider a heated mattress pad instead. By Jeffrey Gornstein .

Troubleshooting My New Electric Blanket

At Comfort House, not a week goes by in Fall and Winter months without a customer who has just received their first electric blanket or heated mattress pad, or are replacing a much older one, contacting us to advise it doesn't work. We start by asking what the trouble is and the response is normally it doesn't get hot.  When we ask if they've used it to sleep, they say no.  It has only been removed from the package, layed out on their bed, plugged in, and turned on.  If all one does is plug it in, turn it on, and feel it for warmth, we understand the cause for concern. One of many electric blankets available at Comfort House . What many don't realize is that modern heated blankets and electric mattress pads do not feel hot to the touch. For a blanket, they will be warm when you are underneath them and for a mattress pad they will be warm when you lie on top of them but they won't be hot to the touch. No troubleshooting is needed and the product is working ju