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What size BTU portable air conditioner do I need for an apartment?

In the midst of the July heatwave, Comfort House customer Roger (not his real name), who lives in an older apartment building in Pittsburgh, received his order for two 13,000 BTU portable air conditioners .  He plugged them in and they cooled his apartment down nicely.  In the middle of the first night something not so nice happened; the air conditioners shut off.  He turned them on the next night and in the middle of the night they shut off again.  This went on for several nights.  Roger woke up each morning hot and unhappy. We went thru all of the troubleshooting measures with Roger such as were the units being operated within room temperature specified in the instructions?  If a unit falls below the limit, in this instance 64°F, it can freeze up.  Was the water tank filling up?  Models containing a dehumidifier, as these did, have a water tank that when full will cause it to stop until emptied.  Was it operating in sleep mode or timer mode? "No, no, and