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Sex and Satin Sheets

One of the most luxurious fabrics that can be used for your bed covers is satin and contrary to what many people think, satin is really not a specific fabric, but rather a specific type of fabric weave.   It is a weave that results in a glossy, smooth fabric that feels cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If the fabric is formed with the special satin weave using long filament fibers such as nylon, polyester or silk, it is called satin , although purists might insist that the fabric be made from silk.   On the other hand, if the yarns used are short staple yarns such as cotton, the fabric is a considered a sateen.   Sateens are cheaper but have almost the same feel and wear qualities as satins. Satin sheets are very soft and silky, come in many different colors and most people think they are very comfortable. Comfort House satin sheets shown here with matching satin comforter, dust ruffle, pillowcases, and shams. Satin sheets generally are manufactured in solid