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Shared Driveway House Number Solutions: How To Prevent Your Packages From Being Delivered To The Wrong Home

Shared driveways often present difficulty in finding your home for package deliveries, visitors, and first responders.  At Comfort House we are frequently called upon for an address sign solution for such situations, and many of these are customized for very specific needs.  For example, we just completed a custom solution for which the client’s packages were always being delivered to the wrong address.  Rather than use one of our more typical shared driveway house number signs like in the illustration shown below, the client had a tree he wished to affix the sign to.                                                   Shown above: Shared Driveway House Sign # CRDA For the tree the client desired the house numbers to be in a vertical orientation with arrows pointing towards the respective address.  We presented two options; one with the arrows beneath the numbers and one with the arrows beside the numbers.  Our recommendation was for the arrow beside the numbers to be certain to get the