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Is Your Number Up For First Responders? Address Sign Tips.

Everyone is aware that time is of the essence when responding to an emergency.   The loss of even a minute or two in providing life saving interventions, be it defibrillation, medication or airway control can be the difference of life or death.   To provide appropriate care, of course, the  Emergency Medical team must first find you or the patient.  During the day that is usually pretty easy since house numbers are normally readily visible on the front of your home and Comfort House has an extensive selection of shapes, sizes and styles of address numbers to fit these needs.  At night, however, due to the design of your home, it may be almost impossible to see the number on the front of your house even when your front light fixture is turned on.  If this is the case at your home, consider moving your numbers to a better location or choose one of the many styles of reflective or lighted house number signs that are available. These are often referred to as 911 address signs. Can y