How to Instantly Convert Two Twin Beds To A King Bed

Some do it in their bedrooms.  Some do it in hotels.  Have you ever pushed two twin beds together to make a king?  If yes, you know it’s not as easy or fun as it looks.  The beds are unsecured and you may even end up falling through the crack.  That’s where a twin bed connector comes in useful.  A twin bed connector joins or straps two twin beds together to make a king size bed. 

One style of twin bed joiner slips over and along the sides of two twin mattresses.  A sheepskin strip pads the space where the beds connect while a belt wraps around the sides securing the mattresses together.

Another style is a mattress cover that goes over the entire mattress.  It has an integrated foam wedge insert in the center that fills the space between the two twin mattresses, along with a pillowtop for extra comfort.

Occasionally users say they don’t like the “hump” they feel in the middle of their newly made king bed with a connection system.  Most often this is the result of not using mattresses of the same thickness which is a requirement for bed joiners.


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